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Ellen Jaffe Jones
Ellen Jaffe Jones

About Me

Ellen Jaffe Jones is a former 2-time Emmy-winning TV investigative reporter from Miami and St. Louis (her home town) for 18 years. She was known as a tough, honest, no-nonsense reporter who never took no for an answer and held many public officials accountable. She won the National Press Club award for consumer reporting after discovering a timeshare scam in Missouri. Many of the real estate laws now on the books protect consumers from the kinds of abuses she reported on regularly. One of her Emmys came after she broke the story about the Miami school superintendent stealing gold-plated plumbing for his Naples summer home. His conviction, according to Time and Newsweek, led to the Miami riots in 1980. She had death threats, but the superintendent was eventually sentenced to jail and served time in a case by a little known prosecutor, Rudy Giulliani.

Ellen's father owned a hardware store that eventually specialized and became the largest lighting fixture business in St. Louis. Real estate was in her blood as she grew up on weekends following her father into new subdivisions that would eventually need the family business services.

After leaving TV, Ellen became a financial consultant for Smith Barney where she was 1 of 3 women, and the #1 market performer for her downtown St. Louis branch in 2001. She refused to sell her elderly widows out of high coupon muni bonds and sell them tech stocks that blew up. She did media consulting for many non-profits, including Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and wrote her first of 6 popular vegan books on how to eat well on a budget, "Eat Vegan on $4 a Day." Ellen's mom, aunt and both sisters got breast cancer. Her family was part of the BRCa1&2 gene studies.
A nationally ranked sprinter for her age group, Ellen has placed in almost 200 5K or longer local races since 2006. Her reputation for integrity helps clients find quality homes in an environment and state, that going forward, will have unique challenges.

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